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Support Machines

SSA-B1 Accumulation Cabinet

The SSA-B1 is a newly designed bin-style label accumulator that is a perfect companion for our lower speed labeling systems.

The simple bin design allows for changing to a fresh roll of labels without production interruption. The design is mechanically straightforward and safe to operate.

Auto Splicer

The Auto Splicer offers uninterrupted, continuous label application even at the highest speeds.

The front-loading design features a small footprint so it can stand close to the labeler and be conveniently loaded by the operator.

SST Series Shrink Tunnels

Sleeve Seal Steam Shrink Tunnels use steam for efficient, controllable shrink labeling and are available in a range of lengths to match production speed – M1S, M2S, M3S or M4S.

Sleeve Seal steam shrink tunnels all feature a 316 stainless steel interior to prevent corrosion with removable service doors that make the tunnels machines service friendly.