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Auto Splicer

Auto Splicer

The Auto Splicer offers uninterrupted, continuous label application even at the highest speeds. The front-loading design features a small footprint so it can stand close to the labeler and be conveniently loaded by the operator. With controls that monitor how much film is left on a roll, the Auto Splicer with automatically splice the near empty roll to a full roll while the last of the film runs through the integrated accumulation festoon. Once the splice has been made by the Auto Splicer the operator can remove the empty core and prepare another splice in less than two minutes. Label rolls are loaded on low lying shafts that feature pneumatic bladders to hold the roll securely. The Auto Splicer is easy to manage for all skilled operators and produces long runs with high efficiencies.

Watch the Auto Splicer In Action

Auto Splicer
Access Cabinet

Every Sleeve Seal machine is housed in a heavy gauge stainless steel cabinet and includes lockable service doors for ease of maintenance and safety. Access to the front of the cabinet is managed with Allen Bradley safety interlock switches to ensure safety. Operators are able to manage operation and changeovers using a customized HMI and synchronized adjusters.

Cutter Box

Our patented cutter box design utilizes four to eight synchronized cutting blade heads for fast, precise cuts that won’t leave jagged film ends. Sleeve Seal cutter boxes use common, affordable utility blades that can be found in a local hardware store with other blade types available for use in harsh environments. Sleeve Seal’s modular design allows for easy replacement of blades and fast changeovers between formats.