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About Us

Simpler. Faster. Better.

Sleeve Seal entered the labeling industry when we recognized the need for simpler, faster, better built shrink labeling equipment. In an era when efficiencies matter most, we deliver shrink labeling solutions to the country’s largest manufacturers who depend upon our robust, easy to operate labelers for efficiencies of  >99.5%. Sleeve Seal is focused on repeatable labeling performance, and we partner with the giants of the automation industry to integrate the best technologies required to apply shrink labels time after time to exacting specifications.

Our engineering teams are focused on developing intelligent labeling systems while we maintain our “customer service first” attitude. Sleeve Seal was born out of GC Evans, a leading name in the food packaging industry since 1949. Starting with hot water solution heaters, GC Evans has grown to include everything from pasteurizing tunnels to conveyor systems. GC Evans now produces unique solutions for some of the world’s largest food manufacturers, both here in the US and abroad. From this history of success and the engineering knowledge base of GC Evans, Sleeve Seal has become the industry leader for the fastest, most highly evolved vertical shrink sleeve labelers in the world.