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The competition for branding on the store shelves is at an all-time high and proper labeling is more important than ever. Sleeve Seal makes labeling easy with intelligent labeling solutions to bring your brand to life whether it’s glass, plastic, or aluminum cans.


Sleeve Seal has been delivering labeling equipment for the food industry since our start - sauces, spices, condiments, dry goods, yogurt and more have been labeled using our equipment due to low operating costs and high efficiencies. No matter the shape: round, square, tube form or a dynamic shape, we have solution for you.


The dairy industry requires special considerations for labeling products. Products range from frozen products to liquids that need protection from UV light. These needs can easily be met with quality graphics and 360-degree branding through shrink labeling.  

Wine & Spirits

The way cans and bottles are decorated and sold has changed in recent years. Sleeve Seal has continued to support wine and spirits manufacturers of all sizes and has been able to help in decorating batch wine and spirits with our labeling systems. Imagine being able to change labels on the fly and decorate your next batch with a new label. It’s easy.


Automotive products need to look great too. There is as much competition on the auto parts store shelves as there is in the grocery store. These automotive products need special consideration for safe, leak free transportation. From tubes of grease to bottles of oils we can decorate them with an eye-popping look.

Health & Beauty

No industry has better looking product on the shelves than the health and beauty industry. Image is everything and quality labeling is critical. Sleeve Seal has a long, successful history of labeling containers with alternative shapes and sizes seen in the health and beauty industry. 


Household products may have the largest range of formats - lipstick size containers to XL size protein tubs or multi packs are all within in our range of format sizes. Let Sleeve Seal help you grow your sales with shrink, roll-fed or PSL labeling equipment.


Government regulations can be tricky to navigate. Quality, consistent labels and tamper bands are common. They have strict specifications and require rigorous documentation. We have helped many pharma manufacturers meet and exceed the regulations required.  Sleeve Seal is no stranger to the documentation process.


The nutraceutical industry uses more XL containers than any other category. XL size protein tubs are common and can require special labelers to label or to apply tamper bands. Sleeve Seal offers quality solutions and equipment that are compatible with standard to XL formats.