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Roll Fed Labelers
Roll Fed Labelers
Roll Fed Labelers
Roll Fed Labelers
Roll Fed Labelers

Roll Fed Labelers

The RFL Series range of roll fed labelers was born from the same need as our shrink sleeve labelers - a need for faster, more efficient, more robustly built machines with Allen Bradley controls. In a market where efficiencies and cost of ownership are everything, Sleeve Seal has a proven history of fast, precise label application with minimal maintenance costs. Our engineers have an unparalleled depth of knowledge that has been applied to a new style of label application for today’s market. Sleeve Seal is proud to present our new range of RFL Series of roll fed labelers.

RFL 720   RFL 960   RFL 1200

Cost of Ownership

Our Contactless Vacuum Distribution system eliminates component wear and lowers both wear parts and power consumption without a sacrifice to performance.


>99% efficiencies with fast ramp rates, reliable auto-splicing and consistently clean label application are all guaranteed. The new RFL Series outshines outdated equipment designs in the market drastically reducing field service and the need for replacement parts.

Servo Motors

Allen Bradley direct drive servo motors dramatically reduce the quantity of wear parts and maintenance costs. Servo motors also reduce electrical energy consumption by up to 40% and extend machine life. RFL Series labelers are designed for up to 8700 hours of production per year.

Web Control

The web route from reel-stand to feed roller is compact and easily laced during changeovers. Tension on the web is precisely maintained by electro-pneumatic actuation of the web buffer using electronic feedback from the reel-stand drive motors.

Fast Stop-Start

RFL Series labelers reduce the product reject issue that is common with complex e-block and tri-block systems. The fast stop-start web feeding system and Allen Bradley controls allow the system to manage gaps at speed. Fast and accurate glue roller retraction eliminates transfer drum contamination and ensures precision glue application.

Blade Life

>300 million cuts per blade, >75 million cuts between changes. Cutter performance is critical to operational reliability for the roll fed process. Precision components and micrometric adjusters eliminate wear by creating a precise air gap between moving parts.

Glue System

RFL Series Labelers apply precisely controlled quantities of adhesive with minimal contamination at all operational speeds. The amount of glue applied to the label surface can be precisely adjusted using micrometric scraper adjustments. Precision application of glue results in minimal operator cleaning and accurate application.

Container Handling System

The RFL Series roll-fed labeling system manages typical round, square and non-round containers from 45 mm to 170 mm in diameter from speeds of 12,000 to 60,000bph. Label dimensions can range from 18 to 180 mm wide and up to 560 mm in length. 

Ease of Access

The ergonomic design is ideal for less than 15-minute change overs and reduces time for scheduled maintenance. The RFL Series has been designed with fast and effective hygienic wipe down in mind.


>99% Efficiencies

20µ to 50µ OPP labels

12µ to 30µ PET labels

60µ to 30µ Polyoleofin labels

80µ to 120µ Polystyrene labels

40g to 80g Paper and Polypaper labels