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The SSL-600 MKII series of shrink labelers features a drive train that uses timing belts to minimize maintenance and wear. The same modular, tool-less design theory is applied throughout our product line so adjustments and changeovers with the SSL-600 machines is seamless and fast. 

The SSL-600S MKII is another offering in our range of “stand alone” sleeve labeling machines. Equipped with an on-board dual reel label management system, the SSL-600S is a self-contained, versatile labeler built with performance and durability in mind. Sleeve Seal has SSL-600 MKII machines in the field that run flawlessly for countless hours in harsh environments.

The SSL-600R MKII is the foundation for a complete high-capacity labeling system. Integrating with any of our high-capacity label accumulations systems create seamless transitions between film reels for easy, hands-off labeling runs with no downtime in production.

Watch the SSL-600 In Action


The SSL-600 vertical sleeve labeler drive train features an advanced design that transfers power using timing belts for ease of maintenance and smooth power transmission. Like our other mechanical systems, Allen Bradley components provide power to precision machined parts for repeatable performance. Modular change parts mean switching between formats is fast and easy. Every Sleeve Seal labeler can be adjusted by the operator without tools, and all provide unparalleled efficiencies and longevity.

Access Cabinet

Every Sleeve Seal machine is housed in a heavy gauge stainless steel cabinet and includes lockable service doors for ease of maintenance and safety. Access to the front of the cabinet is managed with Allen Bradley safety interlock switches to ensure safety. Operators are able to manage operation and changeovers using a customized HMI and synchronized adjusters.

Cutter Box

Our patented cutter box design utilizes four to eight synchronized cutting blade heads for fast, precise cuts that won’t leave jagged film ends. Sleeve Seal cutter boxes use common, affordable utility blades that can be found in a local hardware store with other blade types available for use in harsh environments. Sleeve Seal’s modular design allows for easy replacement of blades and fast changeovers between formats.

Product Specifications
SSL-600 Production Rate: Labels 600 CPM (Label Length 180 mm)
Bottle Sizes: 25 – 130 mm diameter
Label Length: 25 – 300 mm
Label Thickness: 35 – 80 micron (µm)
Materials: PVC, PETG, OPS