Production Rate: 600 BPM (Label Length 100mm)
Bottle Sizes: Ø25 ~ Ø130
Label Length: 25 mm ~ 300 mm
Label Thickness: 0.04mm - 0.08mm
Materials: PVC, PET, OPS

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines

This machine is capable of labeling up 600 bottles per minute and is designed to provide the user with flexibility in label management. If you are needing a more standalone system of label management, take a look at the "S" series labeling machines.

The SSL-250, 450, and 600 machines are available in both "S" and "R" series options. The "S" series is for standalone label management and comes with a dual on-board reel to reel delivery system. The "R" series allows for more flexibility in label management with our optional label accumulation systems. No matter which arrangement you choose this series offers the day in day out repeatability your production environment demands.

Labeler Details

Label Drive Train
The drive train of our labelers is comprised of high grade precision machined parts that are all built for a single purpose which is to deliver a steady consistent stream of labels to your containers. This easy to maintain, adjust, and operate system is at the heart of all our high speed sleeve label systems. The fast change mandrel provides the perfect sleeve profile to meet the incoming container no matter what shape or speed. It is also ideal for easy incorporation of new future formats.

Access Cabinet
All of our sleeve labelers offer stainless steel cabinets with removable doors for maintenance access when needed.

Cutter Box
Our unique design allows for easy change of blades or quick drop in of another cutter box assembly to minimize down time. Our design also allows for either inexpensive off the shelf blades from your local hardware store or custom material blades that are made to endure more abusive or harsh environments.