The Sleeve Seal line of Vertical shrink sleeve labelers, feature the most advanced sleeve application drive train in the industry with a modular design for rapid tool-less changeovers between formats. With many other innovations, such as a cutter assembly with quick change blades, we offer the ability to run the thinnest films available consistently all in a durable easy access stainless steel cabinet. When added together the end result is a machine that is fast, efficient, and easy to maintain.

The SSL-60 is a perfect fit for smaller entry level production lines or offline labeling. It possesses many of the characteristics of its larger siblings, but in a small robust package.

The SSL-100 and SSL-200 Models offer an elegant solution for lower speed lines with rates up to 200cpm.

The SSL-250, 450, and 600 machines are available in both "S" and "R" series options. The "S" series is for standalone label management and comes with a dual on-board reel to reel delivery system. The "R" series allows for more flexibility in label management with our optional label accumulation systems. No matter which arrangement you choose this series offers the day in day out repeatability your production environment demands.

The SSL-800 is “The” industry leader when it comes to (single head) inline sleeve labeling. It offers unparalleled speed and reliability with many accumulation and format options.

The SSL-1200 is a new direction in vertical sleeve labelers. It offers dual heads as well as dual lanes which allows you to run both heads as labelers, cap sealers, or a combination of the two.

The Sleeve Seal Cap Sealer / Tamper Evident Bander offers a small foot print with many features and options. The Cap Sealers offer the same rugged label drive train as our vertical labelers with rapid tool less changeover from format to format.

The Sleeve Seal Horizontal Labelers are designed for Sleeveing products such as batteries, pens, cosmetics, and many other small diameter packages and also features our easy access design. This series of sleeve labelers incorporates all the features needed to provide trouble free operation and is customizable for each application.