Thermo Form Shrink Tunnels

Steam, (EFAIR-Electric Forced Air Infrared). The Sleeve Seal line of Shrink Tunnels feature a wide array of options that make setup fast and repeat-able. Our Tunnels are available in a broad range of sizes that compliment all of our Shrink Labelers.

External Shrink Control 

Every model with in our shrink tunnel product line features external steam gauges and controls. This allows for precise control to each nozzle array or knife array without opening the tunnel doors. Making adjustments on fly is easy and fast.

Individual Nozzle and Knife Arrays

Our Shrink Tunnels feature individually position-able nozzle or knife arrays. These arrays can be moved up, down, in, out and tilted to target the container exactly where the shrink is needed.

Toolless Adjustment

Nozzle Arrays are held in place with cam lock handles that allow for toolless adjustment. The Nozzle arrays feature a location indicator which makes setup repeatable precise and painless.